1. There are many types of plants around us. Every plant has its own special features.
2. We can identify plants by looking at their external features.
3. Plants can be grouped in many ways according to their external features.
  • Rose plant - woody stem, flowers, smooth leaves, thorns.
  • Papaya tree - soft stem, flowers, fruits, leaves of irregular shapes.
  • Banana tree - sift stem, long green leaves, fruits, shiny leaves.
  • Bird's nest fern - soft stem, long green leaves, shiny and smooth leaves.
  • Balsam plant - soft stem, flowers, oval shape and rough leaves.
  • Rambutan tree - woody stem, flowers, oval shape and smooth leaves.
  • Cactus - soft stem, flowers, thorns.
  • Hibiscus plant - woody stem, flowers, oval shape leaves.

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